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Family Trust (FT)

What is a Family Trust?

A Family Trust is a legal arrangement benefiting individuals who wish to privately structure their affairs, control assets without actually owning them, and who wish to take advantage of certain tax planning opportunities. It’s a discretionary trust that allows trustees to determine asset distribution among beneficiaries as they see fit.

Establishment of Family Trusts is common in corporate re-organizations.

Why Establish a Family Trust with Serre Financial?

Our focus on your big-picture financial plan ensures you take full advantage of the benefits of a Family Trust. We understand that you may want to income split. We understand that it’s important to protect family from business liabilities and vice versa, while allowing family to participate in business income without being owners. We look down the road too at your exit strategy as a business owner, as well as estate planning, both without large tax burdens. Again, it’s about planning with the big financial roadmap in mind.

Consider the Highlights

  • Multiple capital gains exemptions
  • Exclusion from estate taxation
  • Creditor protection
  • Control through trustees (family protection)
  • Income splitting
  • Privacy
  • Flexibility of benefits

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