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The Covid-19 crisis affects all of us in many unfortunate ways. Due to this unprecedented event and the concerns it has raised, all businesses must take drastic actions in order to keep all their employees and clients safe. Serre Financial has implemented its business continuation plan over the last few weeks. Although Serre Financial is considered an essential service, we will continue to operate at full capacity, albeit remotely. Thanks to technology, our employees will be working remotely from the safety of their homes. Management will be rotating into the office on a daily basis to ensure smooth transitions. Mail, courier and phone will continue to be operational. Meetings will continue as scheduled but via video conference. It will be business as usual with the outside world. Benefit payments will continue as normal. Please stay safe and together we will end this pandemic sooner than later.

Going Green

Going Sustainable isn’t just for tree huggers, it’s for Advisors too

Dennis Serre - July 31, 2019

After repeated badgering from my son, a millennial, I'm coming to terms with how out of touch I was, and our generation is, with green practices. Sure, we tell ourselves that we are well-educated in the inner-workings of ‘the global green; but often we lack the scope over current issues and cumulative impacts. My son introduced me to the idea of bounded rationality, which argues people only concern themselves with things temporally and spatially close to them, and interaction with issues/concepts decreases as time into the future increases or space away from the issue increases. Our collective conversations, coupled with his green-sector expertise, brought me to the revelation about how sustainability thinking is so important in the workplace and our day-to-day operations here at Serre Financial. The idea that building sustainability thinking into our practice, can reach huge environmental benefits while unlocking economic more..

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