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Shareholders' Agreement

Why Create a Shareholders' Agreement?

A Shareholders' Agreement specifies management issues to preserve the right of the existing shareholders to determine issues vital to the Corporation. If issues are not specified in the Agreement, the Board of Directors can change and manage the Corporation as it sees fit. If you believe that the shareholders are in a better position to determine matters of importance to the Corporation than the Directors are, you should specify all the terms you deem important to the long term health of the Corporation.

Why Create a Shareholders' Agreement with Serre Financial?

Our competitors offer standardized agreements with no customization for disability or buyout options. In contrast, Serre Financial shareholders' agreements are entirely customized. The process begins with a detailed questionnaire on various scenarios and options. We conduct in-depth discussions with shareholders—running through various scenarios, ensuring there is complete understanding of the options. We then review the completed agreement with all stakeholders to ensure everything is as directed and meets approval.

Consider the Highlights

  • An entirely customized approach, no cookie-cutter processes
  • Customization for disability and buyout options
  • Detailed profiles developed through questionnaires on various scenarios and options
  • In-depth discussions with shareholders running through various scenarios
  • Extensive review of final agreement with all stakeholders

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