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Corporate Re-organization

Why a Corporate Re-organization?

Corporate re-organization helps structure corporate, personal and family situations for effective income, retirement and estate planning. It often comes into play when an employer has reached a point of significant growth and success of the business. Ideally, for optimal benefit, a re-organization occurs prior to peeking of this growth, and provides additional planning in securing assets and preparing an exit strategy or generational transfer of ownership.

Why a Corporate Re-organization with Serre Financial?

We know there’s no standard process for Corporate Re-organization. Done well, it involves far more than basic forms and corporate documentation on rollovers and estate freezes. It’s an opportunity to release maximum client benefit within a larger financial roadmap. This includes:

  • Operating company liability and creditor protection
  • Building in flexibility with a forward-looking approach to the structure creation
  • Focus on the four quadrants, immediate tax savings, retirement, exit planning, estate planning
  • Implementation of and establishment of structure entities (i.e. Family Trusts, Holding Companies, Operating Companies)
  • Recommendation, implementation and maintenance of tax savings strategies and plans
  • Family protection
  • Includes a project report with easy to understand summaries such as structure charts and diagrams, corporate steps, project steps review and next steps for the client team
And we do all this in weeks, not months.

Consider the Highlights

  • Part of a bigger financial roadmap
  • Customized to each unique client
  • Easy-to-understand reports and future instructions
  • Income splitting
  • Creditor proofing
  • Allows corporate purification
  • Multiple capital gains exemption
  • Succession planning
  • Family protection
  • Limitation of liability

Learn when and why a business Re-Organization is appropriate. See a typical Re-Organized Structure and explore the possible benefits you’re your financial picture.

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