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Analysis / Roadmap

Why Perform an Analysis/Roadmap?

A financial Analysis/Roadmap helps identify the proper structure for your corporation with a focus on limitation of corporate liability; current and future tax opportunities; identifying wealth and retirement options; exit planning and succession road mapping; and estate planning. It also helps identify tax saving strategies.

Why Perform an Analysis/Roadmap with Serre Financial?

At Serre Financial, we examine the bigger picture now and at every stage until your retirement—even from an estate standpoint

Our primary focus is building a strong foundation. This allows for future growth and expansion without recurring high costs.

In the long run, we have in mind the potential sale of your company in a way that minimizes the taxes, and without having to reorganize everything.

Retirement is another key focus - understanding where the client income will come from and at a the preferred tax rate.

Finally, our planning for estate issues helps minimize the tax and defer them to the next generation with minimal cost.

Consider the Highlights

  • A customized analysis and roadmap for your corporation
  • Identifying the proper corporate structure for
  • exit planning/succession roadmapping
    • limitation of corporation liability
    • current and future tax opportunities
    • identify wealth and retirement options
    • estate planning
  • Identifying strategies for tax savings
  • Identifying steps involved in completing the proposed structure / roadmap and implementing the strategies

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